Abacus Market: Trusted Reviews and Verified Onion Link Access

Abacus Market: Trusted Reviews and Verified Onion Link Access

Abacus Market Review: A Next Generation Darknet Marketplace

Abacus Market has emerged as a noteworthy player in the darknet market scene, rapidly gaining recognition as a next-generation marketplace emphasizing security, reliability, and user-friendliness. As experienced darknet shoppers, we decided to review Abacus Market to see if it meets its promising reputation. Here's our detailed review.

The current official link to access Abacus Market is:

2/3 multisig, 100% functional
Transaction Handling
Combine and broadcast unlimited transactions at once
Payment Methods
XMR (Monero) and BTC (Bitcoin) enabled
Custom Development
Market coded from scratch with custom endgame (no timeouts)
Escrow and FE
Escrow available, flexible vendor terms (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
Community and Support
Forum in more than 10 languages, organized boards, rewards

Always ensure you are using the official link from a trusted directory. Beware of phishing sites.

Account Creation and Security

It is highly recommended to set your Tor Browser’s Security Level to “Safest”.

Abacus Market Screenshot

Creating an account on Abacus is straightforward. You’ll need to set a username, password, PIN, and provide a PGP public key for encrypted communications. 2FA is available for added security.

The market has a modern design and is easy to navigate. Abacus uses an escrow system to protect buyers and vendors. Funds are released when the buyer confirms receipt of their order.

Product Selection and Vendors

Abacus offers a diverse selection of products across major categories such as drugs, digital goods, and services. While the number of listings is lower than on giants like AlphaBay, the vendor quality is high, with many reputable vendors from closed markets setting up shop here.

Vendor levels range from 1-10 based on sales volume and feedback, with lower commission fees at higher levels, encouraging vendors to provide good service.

Number of Results
USA Vendors
Canada Vendors
United Kingdom Vendors
Australia Vendors
New Zealand Vendors
Cannabis Listings

Ordering and Payment

Abacus accepts two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). XMR is recommended for its privacy features. You'll need to fund your market wallet before placing an order.

The ordering process is simple and familiar to anyone who has used darknet markets before. Choose your product, quantity, shipping, and pay with your wallet balance. Encrypted messaging is available to communicate with the vendor.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the main pros and cons we found with Abacus Market:


  • Modern design and user interface
  • Good security with 2FA and encryption
  • Escrow system to protect buyers and vendors
  • Monero accepted for better privacy
  • Responsive admin and support team


  • Smaller selection than some larger markets
  • Wallets can be slow to update balances
  • Occasional DDoS attacks and downtime
  • Strict vendor requirements to get established


  • Is Abacus Market legit?
    Based on our experience and reports from other users, Abacus appears to be a legitimate darknet market. Always use caution when ordering illicit goods online.
  • How do I become a vendor?
    Vendors need to pay a bond and go through a verification process. See the Become a Vendor page for current requirements.
  • What is the Abacus affiliate program?
    Abacus offers an affiliate program where you can earn a percentage of commissions on sales from users who register with your affiliate link or code.

The Verdict

Overall, we were impressed with Abacus Market during our time using it. While not the largest darknet market, it offers a solid selection from reputable vendors, good security practices, and a modern, easy-to-use interface. The admin team seems professional and responsive to issues.

If current trends continue, Abacus could become a top-tier market in the near future. For now, it’s a great option for buyers looking for a reliable and secure platform to do business on the darknet. Just remember to always practice good OpSec and never leave funds in your market wallet longer than necessary!